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Astra is the largest builder of parks and recreation facilities in the Southeast. Our experience in building the spaces that bring communities together is unmatched in the industry. Our work on groundbreaking urban projects like the Atlanta Beltline have solidified our reputation as the go to builder for creating spaces that enhance communities.


Astra builds structures that turn heads. Our knowledge in vertical construction and our commitment to building something we are proud to call our own has made our commercial construction well recognized for its superior quality and efficient methods. We offer multiple avenues for completing projects, including simple job order contracting options.



Astra builds the infrastructure that keeps our cities growing. In addition to being a licensed general contractor in Georgia, we are also a licensed utility contractor with a team that specializes in earthwork, utility installation and grading. Our experience in building infrastructure in even the most congested areas means that city life keeps moving while we’re improving it.


Astra has been a leading provider to the transportation industry for more than ten years. From runways to pedestrian trails, we have provided quality construction and superior customer service to transportation facilities across the South.



With a long history of building sports complexes from USTA tennis courts to state of the art artificial turf sports fields, Astra is skilled in creating modern facilities for all types of sports.

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